Initiatives and projects

Special Olympics Italia

SNAITECH, through its foundation, shares with Special Olympics Italia two overarching aims within a program of social responsibility: increasingly raising the public’s awareness on the matter of intellectual disability through solid promotional campaigns throughout Italy and sharing the same values(integration, participation and enthusiasm) as its corporate mission.

In this regard, sports have on numerous occasions have proven to offer great opportunities for growth, accomplishing one’s goals and aggregation,not to mention pure fun and entertainment. With Special Olympics Italia, iZilove Foundation intends to launch this new great challenge: to draw its own audience closer to the matter of intellectual disability using all of the communication tools at its disposal. The opportunity to feel a sense of belonging to a group that shares common values is a concept which has been completely espoused by SNAITECH. And it dedicates its utmost passion and commitment to this mission.

The first step in this journey together was taken in February 2017, when SNAI opened its fund-raising campaign for Italian athletes in tandem with the National Winter Games of Bormio (5-10 February 2017) and launched, using its own communication means, the “#IoAdottoUnCampione” campaign, created to help the 34 Italian athletes selected to participate in the next World Special Olympic Games.


Our partnership projects with Telethon in support of research against muscular dystrophy and rare genetic diseases have employed a range of different fund-raising channels: through the network spanning the entire national territory or the website, through a direct donation by the company, or the direct involvement of our entire personnel through "payroll giving” through which each employee is free to donate 1 hour of work or to personally make a donation through his or her paystub.

Care & Share

The mission of Care&Share is to provide education and assistance to poor and needy Indian children. Its attention is focused on poor children in rural areas and in the slums of the city of Vijayawada (which is in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh) and naturally on assistance and education initiatives for street children hosted in our two facilities Daddy's Home and Butterfly Hill. Through its «Scholarships» program, through the iZilove Foundation, SNAITECH intends to ensure the continuation of studies to deserving students at three Colleges in Vijawavada, ensuring that they are given the opportunity to complete their studies and begin a new life with a solid educational background.

Francesca Rava Foundation – NPH Italia Onlus

The Francesca Rava Foundation is an Onlus, established in 2000, with the mission of helping disadvantaged children in Italy and in the world and represents in Italy the organization N.P.H. – Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Our little brothers) an international humanitarian organization which for the last 60 years has rescued orphans and abandoned children.

Our partnership with the iZilove foundation has the goal of supporting foster homes in Milan, Rome and Lucca (which are the locations of Snaitech’s three offices). In particular, the project entails support for sports activities (swimming, basketball and horse-riding therapy), as well as therapeutic/psychological and scholastic activities for children who have been removed from their families and are hosted in foster homes, as well as for needy families, through the organization of events for children in the area dedicated to children at SNAI’s San Siro Gallop Horsetrack or through special internal initiatives such as, for example, “Children in the Office”.

Meyer Foundation

At the Meyer Pediatric Hospital, for the period of treatment and hospital stays, the highly skilled healthcare and technological support provided to children is augmented with a very special “treatment”: helping children feel at home. With this goal in mind, the Meyer Foundation is directly in charge of all animation initiatives at the Hospital: playing and theater in the Playroom, the colors and furnishings custom-tailored for children, the happiness brought by clowns and Pet Therapy dogs, and relaxing notes played by our musicians. Through the iZilove Foundation, SNAITECH aims to sustain the Foundation of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital through this project:playroom, clowns and music in the hospital ward and activities with animals to attenuate fears and stress faced by children in the hospital.