The Group's growth Snai has its foundation in the management and development of relations with their staff and then offering a safe working environment, healthy and comfortable.

The personnel of Snai SpA, and of all its subsidiaries, includes 690  persons who have almost entirely contracts of indefinite duration, with an almost equal distribution by gender (49% women, 51% men).


hired female staff

In order to affirm itself within its market of reference, Snai aims to develop human capital as a strategic factor for production and innovation. For this reason, the Company is careful in offering its collaborators and employees a serene, stimulating working environment which is capable of guaranteeing all parties parity of treatment and access to different Company roles.


When pursuing its goals, the human resources management policy of Snai involves maximum focus and commitment to the following issues:

  • training;
  • workplace security;
  • equal opportunities;
  • welfare.


graduates, of which 8.9% are female


hired staff members


hired employees under age 30



Data as of 31 December 2014