Television network

Epiqa offers 5 dedicated channels and contents

Epiqa is Snaitech’s multimedia company, and at present it produces and broadcasts four television channels and three web TV channels entirely dedicated to horse racing, plus three TV channels dedicated to Virtual events, two channels dedicated to Sports in general and one radio channel.

A brief overview of Epiqa’s history:


Establishment of the CRAI Consortium and commencement of live broadcasting of Tris races through terrestrial radio links


Launch of broadcasting via satellite in analog form


Launch of broadcasting via satellite through a digital signal


Construction of the company’s main office in Porcari, in the province of Lucca, which is still used today


CRAI becomes SNAI Way


The digitalization of broadcasting is completed through radio links


Establishment of the current Epiqa, which wins the Unire tender which remained valid from 2005 until 2012; the digitalization of the television programing is completed


Launch of the service for the realization of SNAI Radio and the SNAI TV channel


Teleippica directly manages the entire network of telecommunications, for which it owns all equipment for both terrestrial and satellite broadcasting


Teleippica wins the Assi tender which is valid from 2013 until 2019


Launch of the service for the realization of TV channels SPORT VIRTUALI 1, 2 and 3


Contract for the realization of TV channels SNAI LIVE 1 and SNAI LIVE

The Channels produced and broadcasted

Horse racing, riding, sports, poker, virtual events, operating through high definition systems, produces broadcasting totaling approximately 160,000 hours per year.

Four channels are produced for MIPAAFT, for which Epiqa gathers on a daily basis the images of all operating Italian racetracks and a number of foreign ones (France, Sweden, England, Australia, South Africa), elaborates and manages them through its own production teams, seven at its Tuscany office and four at its Rome office, adding graphical contributions and productions from studios, two actual ones and one virtual one, to then broadcast them on various channels aimed at the collection of horse racing bets, as follows: the channels Unire Grigio and Unire Verde viewable at betting agencies located throughout the entire territory of Italy, the channel Unire Blu, viewable at agencies and in all Snaitech corners, which is entirely dedicated to national horse races: the channel Unire Sat which is part of the satellite broadcaster Sky’s package on channel 220 in HD, which, in addition to images of horse races, also offers programing dedicated to horse enthusiasts, supplemented by programs offering live broadcasts of Italian and foreign horse races commentated by journalists specialized in the sector.

Five channels produced for Snaitech, of which Sport Virtuali 1, 2 and 3 are dedicated to the broadcasting of virtual events with betting opportunities. Channel 1 also offers the live broadcasting of all national horse races, disseminated at Snaitech’s betting acceptance points, as well as channels SNAI LIVE 1 and SNAI LIVE 2, television channels offering broadcasting of various LIVE sports events (with the accceptance of bets), broadcasted via satellite on the network of the group’s betting acceptance points, with programing from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm, 365 days per year.

To complete the full range of multimedia services, the group has realized Radio Snai Web, which can be heard in all Snaitech Points and Corners, and also through streaming by visiting the website The program provides live coverage of all Italian and foreign races included in the betting acceptance program, presented by two journalists specialized in horse racing. Sports news, interviews and in-depth reporting on horse racing, sports and all events are included within the programing, and supplemented with live commentary.

Multimedia Services: Epiqa has always been the Group’s multimedia point of reference, providing on a daily basis across-the-board support for the realization of non-studio videos, editing, realization of videographics, staging of scenes during fairs or events realized by the group, such as Equitazione a Piazza Di Siena, Fieracavalli, Enada and many others.

Our assets

  • Two operating offices, in Rome and Porcari (Lucca), one studio with production facilities in Milan, for a total of 11 production teams;
  • Approximately 30 external Services involved in the production of audio/video throw-out the entire national territory and at the international level, including mobile production facilities, production centers, satellite up-link companies, companies offering assistance and management of contribution networks, software and hardware suppliers, etc.;
  • A telecommunications network realized through fiber optic connections, 84 terrestrial radio links, six satellites on three different frequency bands. Proprietary broadcasting infrastructure capable of receiving and sending signals in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia;
  • Connection with all Italian racetracks as well as reception of all major foreign feeds;
  • Three actual studios, located in Milan, Rome and Porcari, plus one virtual studio.