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We are all Playmakers!

In SNAI’s advertising campaign, “playing” with our celebrity spokespersons Mazzola, Altafini and Adam Grapes, betting becomes pure, healthy and responsible fun

SNAI is comprised of Playmakers: each one decisive, a leader and innovator in his or her field. This axiom forms the basis of the campaign launched by SNAI which decided to engage a completely new trio to represent it: Adam Grapes “The Sportfessor”, Sandro Mazzola “il Baffo” and José Altafini “il Golasso”. The campaign tells a story of “leadership”, but not using emphatic tones. On the contrary, it is ironic, light and fun. Gaming, through sports betting, is conceived as as fun, healthy and responsible hobby. In the campaign, the spokespersons reiterate another key concept: the security and reliability of the concession holder and the agenices of the SNAI Grou which have always represented legal gaming in the minds of Italians.

The campaign was channelged through the Group’s main communication means: TV, Radio, Press, Dynamic, Digital, Social.

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A prediction is out there waiting for you

Everyone makes predictions, but not everyone does it in the right place!

When predicting becomes a challenge, ask the Playmakers!