Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is entrusted with managing the Company, its tasks include planning business strategies which will ensure the attainment of Company objectives.

In accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Company, the Board of Directors may be composed of 5 to 14 members.

The directors currently holding office are 12 appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting of 09 June 2016, one appointed by the shareholders on March 13, 2017 and one apponted by the shareholders on April 23, 2018, until the approval of Financial Statements as at December 31, 2018.


Name and surnameOfficeMember of committees
Mara Anna Rita Caverni Chairman of the board of directors   
Fabio Schiavolin Chief Executive Officer  
Moran Weizer Director  
Roberto Ruozi Director Remuneration committee
Chiara Palmieri Indipendent Director Remuneration committee and Committee for Transaction with Related Parties
Nicola Iorio Director Audit and Risks Committee
Barbara Poggiali Indipendent Director Remuneration committee
Salvatore Capatano Director  
Raffaella Viscardi Indipendent Director  Audit and Risks Committee and Committee for Transaction with Related Parties
James Smith Director  
Nadia Buttignol Director  
Paolo Scarlatti Director  
Mauro Pisapia Indipendent Director  Audit and Risks Committee and Committe for Transaction with Related Parties
Maurizio Leo Indipendent Director  


Appointment of directors

Directors are appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting; the latter select from candidate lists presented by shareholders.

The candidate lists are composed on the basis of principles of competence so as to ensure the highest levels of professionalism for the Company.

Professionalism and integrity are the fundamental pre-requisites for appointed directors: if a director ceases to retain these qualifications, he/she will cease to hold office.


These committees are formed within the Board of Directors and have defined tasks, including the constant monitoring of sensitive aspects of Company processes.

The activities of the Board of Directors are supported by the Audit and Risks Committee as well as by the Remuneration Committee and by Related Party Committee.

The composition, tasks and functioning modalities of the Committees are illustrated and regulated by specific Regulations that are approved by the Board of Directors itself, in accordance with the specifications formulated by the Corporate Governance Code