Snai requires that its suppliers comply with the principles that serve as the foundation for its activities and which are outlined in the Code of Ethics of the Company.

Contracts stipulated between Snai and its suppliers, contractors and other significant commercial partners totaled 72.

Transparency and legality are the key values that underlie Snai’s relations with all its suppliers.


The intention of the Company is to stipulate collaboration agreements with entities that are capable of guaranteeing that – when implementing their activities – they will comply with currently effective regulations as well as with the principles of protection of the person, the worker, workplace health and security and the environment.


Snai requires that all suppliers also comply with the specifications of the Code of Ethics of the Group. This is a fundamental condition for establishing a collaboration relationship; the latter is only formalized after a selection process is completed by Snai on the basis of parameters pertaining to competitiveness, objectivity, fairness, impartiality, price equity and the quality of the goods/services as well as an evaluation of the market in general.