Snai Points and Corners

Contact point between the Company and the customer: for SNAI, the sales points are a fundamental factor for offering the highest service standards to the gambler. From this perspective, the Company invests in training and technology in order to offer assistance to the entire network.

The network of sale points of Snai is spread out in a capillary manner across the national territory and is composed of:

  • Snai Points, entirely dedicated to gambling and equipped with state of the art technology;
  • Snai Corners, betting collection points within other businesses (bars, shopping centers, tobacco stores, etc.)

Snai is aware of the importance of its sales points in managing customer relations and therefore aims for the professional growth of its personnel through a continual training program. In this way, and by means of centralized management implemented through a modern software that communicates with the sales network, the Company can ensure that the values of corporate social responsibility are shared by the entire Company organization.

The strategic role “played” by the sales points is confirmed by the Company’s intention to renew them in accordance with the specifications supplied by gamblers within the realm of certain market research studies and according to criteria which promote environmental sustainability.

More specifically, the training programs for the sales network cover the following topics:

  • sector regulations, specific notions related to gambling and the technologies which are utilized
  • management and loyalty promotion for the customer-gambler
  • knowledge of values pertaining to responsible gambling and behavioral rules to adopt in the case that there are anomalies in the behaviors of players
  • protection of customers in terms of prevention of compulsive gambling.

With regard to communications with the sales network, by means of the SnaiPartner portal, the Company manages to concentrate – within a single carrier – all requests from the entire network in addition to optimizing communications concerning:

  • information;
  • assistance;
  • management of material.

Was carried out activities in support of the outlets in the renewal of all information with respect to the characteristics of the devices, the news about the games available and the game modes in adapting to local regulations governing the subject.

Were also renewed the materials customization of the windows with a focus more oriented to the concepts of fun and sharing in the spirit of a law that requires a reduction the concept of winning.

There have also been customized solutions for AWP accessories branded with the aim of creating a more orderly and comfortable for the player.