Shareholders and investors

Accuracy, timeliness, and transparency are the principles applied by Snai when engaged in financial reporting in order to create a relationship of solid trust with the market.

Snai Spa – whose primary shareholder is Global Games SpA – is listed within the national telematic stock market (MTA) of the Italian stock exchange. The Company is therefore required to comply with the norms and regulations that are applicable to companies listed in the stock exchange.

Snai assigns strategic importance to financial reporting

Given its awareness of its role in the market, Snai assigns strategic importance to financial reporting. The latter - which is based upon the principles of transparency, accuracy, timeliness, consistency and equal access to corporate information – is considered an essential tool for creating a relationship of trust with the entire financial community and to ensure a fair valuation of the Company’s stock.

Within the Company, the Investor Relations department is specifically delegated to manage relations with financial analysts, shareholders and all parties which are interested in information pertaining to the economic performance of the Company and the primary operations of the firm. In order to ensure maximum transparency, the Investor Relations department provides all interested parties with accurate and complete information by promptly responding to direct requests and by rapidly updating the Company website or by organizing specific meetings dedicated to certain stakeholders.