Protection of the gambler is a strategic objective for Snai: Company decisions aim to promote a responsible style of gambling amongst its customers. Snai means: a range of gambling and betting services that are in line with market requests; legal and monitored gambling environments.

There are 12.5 million people who gamble at least once per year, a group which corresponds to 40.5% of the population of age.

On average, a gambler invests 700 Euro per year in gambling.

Of these, 20% bet at least once per year, and are considered habitual gamblers*.

Snai engages in constant communications with its customers. The objective is to collect useful information for the development of an offer of gambling and betting services which is in line with market needs as well as to develop responsible gambling policies.

The focus on the needs of the gamblers has resulted in specifically designed procedures that were spread throughout the Company’s organization, from the executive level to the sales points and passing through the contact center assigned with managing complaints. Given this disposition towards listening to its customers, Snai – as confirmed by market research studies – has affirmed itself as a reliable brand over the years.




* Source: Snai GFK Eurisko - 2012