SNAI participates actively in the life of citizens by means of numerous initiatives in favor of local communities.

The commitment of the Company is, in particular, expressed through research, solidarity and sports activities in addition to initiatives related to responsible gambling.

The search for a solid and continual relationship with the community is also implemented through a communications plan that is designed to optimally manage both new as well as traditional media.

Collaboration in initiatives in support of the community

Telethon 2012

The partnership between Snai and Telethon has now reached its eighth consecutive year: a result which is a source of pride for the Company and for all its employees as well as the network of Snai Points and Corners. Even the most recent marathon event for raising funds for scientific research on genetic diseases included a strong commitment from Snai; the Company activated a variety of fund raising systems: within the Points and the Corners as well as in the website and with direct payments through sms. In the latter case, an sms sent to the number 45507, with the text "Snai", resulted in a donation of two Euro.

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Fund raising activities were extensively promoted through a variety of communication channels:

  • Telethon institutional ads broadcasted through the satellite channel Snai Sat and Radio Snai (a web radio broadcast in the Snai Points and which can be heard through;
  • Telethon institutional banners within the website by clicking on the banner, it was possible to directly access an information section of the Telethon site in order to obtain information on fund raising and the allocation of these funds;
  • Telethon promotional materials that are distributed in all points accepting betting.
  • a space dedicated to Telethon within all “shares prospectuses” available within the Snai Points and Corners. 

Snai employees have been made aware of this partnership through the payroll giving system which allows employees to withhold one or more hours of work directly from their pay slip, assigning the equivalent amount to Telethon. All managers of the Snai Points and Corners have had the possibility to participate in the fund raising with their own donations; finally, the Company added its own contribution in addition to that donated by gamblers, betters, employees and the bet collection network.

Due to the commitment of all affected parties, it has been possible to allocate more than 1.1 million Euro to Telethon through the Snai channels; these funds are entirely utilized for research.


Torneo SNAI delle Stelle (“Snai Tournament of Stars”)

Snai has strengthened its support for the community by hosting the second edition of the Snai Tournament of Stars; it was held in June 2012 within the horse racing track of San Siro Trotto, a special horse race in which the public was able to place bets.

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Twelve magnificent horses – led by sports, entertainment, music, journalism, cinema, fashion, poker and civil society leaders – participated in the race. The entire evening was broadcast live on channel 220 of Sky.

Snai donated the revenues from its bets collected in the horse racing track and in the agencies of the territory to the earthquake victims of Emilia Romagna.


Snai and social networks

Snai’s propensity to interact with and listen to gamblers is directly applied through a well-thought-out participation in main social networks; its objective is to increase its presence in both qualitative as well as quantitative terms.

Snai and relations with the press

Snai has its own press relations division which operates every day of the year, both in terms of monitoring and, in particular, with a mandate to promote and report on the activities, initiatives, proposals and offers of Snai.

In addition to daily and constant interactions with journalists, there are initiatives and editorial project partnerships with some of the primary Italian media  in order to optimize the reports on Snai in the press, on the radio, TV and in new media (Internet sites, blogs, etc.).