“Corporate social responsibility also implies assuming specific commitments with respect to the community as well as our human resources and all parties we interact with on a daily basis.”


The customer is the center of all the activities of Snai, which is committed to continually interacting with betting parties and gamblers in order to offer an environment of legal, responsible and monitored gambling that is adequate with respect to market requests. Protection of the gambler is an essential component of Company policy. Learn more.

Government and Institutions

Rigorous compliance with established rules and collaboration in combating illegal gambling: these are the guidelines which inspire Snai in its continuous relationship with institutions. 

Human resources

The development of internal professionalism is a vehicle for Company growth and for this reason Snai is committed to creating a serene and secure working environment that is free from discrimination and in which each worker is guaranteed opportunities for improvement and growth.

Snai Points and Corners

Sales points are the first point of contact with customers and Snai is particularly careful in training its employees that work there. The spreading of Company values across the network is a fundamental element in order to guarantee the highest standards of service for customers.


Snai selects and evaluates its suppliers on the basis of the criteria of competitiveness, objectivity and fairness, in addition to requiring their compliance with currently effective regulations and with the Code of Ethics that the Company has adopted.


Not just gamblers and customers, but citizens: Snai participates concretely in the life of the communities it enters into contact with by financing and taking part in initiatives related to research, solidarity, sports and incentives for responsible gambling.

Shareholders and investors

Accuracy, timeliness, transparency: by means of its Investor Relations department, Snai maintains an open line of communication with the entire financial community and with the objective of maximum transparency.


A common good and a tool for Company valorization: being aware of the importance of the environment, Snai considers the adoption of responsible behaviors in protection of the environment to be strategic for its growth.